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About Winophilia

Winophilia is a free on-line e-zine dedicated to increasing your knowledge of wine, provoking your imagination, and stimulating your taste buds.

I am editor/publisher of the independent bimonthly International Wine Cellar, published without interruption since 1985 and enjoyed by wine lovers around the world, inside and outside the wine trade. My role as Wino-in-Chief of Winophilia is to provide adult supervision, but one of the key objectives of Winophilia is to bring you as many wine voices as possible, not just mine.

So you will frequently see short articles by my colleague at the IWC, Josh Raynolds, as well as by key IWC contributors and other wine professionals. While all of the contributors have a passion for the subject, and, we hope, an innate ability to taste and describe wines, we’ve also “practiced” our craft full-time for many years.

How is Winophilia different from other wine sites?  We live wine.  I and my fellow contributors spend several weeks to several months on the road each year, visiting wineries and tasting thousands of wines annually with their makers.  And that’s not even including the thousands of bottles we taste each year in our own dining rooms. We have established track records for credibility over many years of reviewing wines because we are accountable to our readers, who buy and try our top recommendations each year and know where to find us.  Although we are regularly flooded by wine samples (especially in this difficult economic environment), we are independent of the wine trade and we pay our own way when we visit wine regions.

You will also be hearing on a regular basis from some of the most talented winemakers around the world. Like us, these men and women are passionate about wine—and unlike us, they actually make the stuff. This select group of “guest stars” has been chosen from among the producers whose wines have routinely won the highest ratings in the International Wine Cellar publication. If you have the inclination and the means, you should check out their wines. You will not be disappointed.


Stephen Tanzer, Wino-in-Chief